The farmhouse-style sink makes a modern comeback

As an exclusive Stainless Steel farmhouse-style sink, BLANCO CRONOS sets striking accents in modern country house-style kitchens. The traditional farmhouse-style sink is a distinctive design feature that exudes a modern country house vibe. With BLANCO CRONOS, we have now completely reinterpreted the classic farmhouse-style sink as a stylish and eye-catching design feature. In top-quality Stainless Steel satin matte, the distinctive apron front has been transformed into a highlight for the modern country house-style kitchen.

The matte surface goes perfectly with the covers of the electrical appliances. One special touch is that the apron front can be individually adapted to the grid and look of your cabinet fronts. In a pared-back, elegant design, the spacious single bowl has a substantial capacity and comes in various different sizes. You also have a choice of installation methods. With its elegant IF flat rim, BLANCO CRONOS is suitable for flushmount installation or installation from above, and can also be installed as an undermount bowl. No matter which model you settle on, this bowl is bound to make a striking statement in your country house-style kitchen.

Farmhouse-style sink


Farmhouse-style sinks are a reminder of times gone by, when the kitchen also served as a place to bathe and a washhouse. Crockery, children and clothing were all washed in the deep sink, Even if they serve quite a different purpose these days, such sinks have largely maintained their striking dimensions and appearance. A contemporary take on the classic, it looks great in modern kitchens, as well as in combination with features of country-house style.The Blanco Cronos is available in two bowl sizes : the  XL 6 IF with a bowl size of  400 x 535 mm and the XL 8 IF  with its large bowl size of 400 x 735mm

Cronos XLL 6S IF.jpg

If you're looking to install a modern farmhouse-style sink in traditional ceramic in your kitchen, you’re bound to find the colour you need with BLANCO PANOR. The sink is impressive for its generous bowl capacity and offers lots of space for cleaning woks and baking trays with ease.


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