Blanco Evol-S Volume Tap

Perfection is everything working precisely.

Like the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO. Thanks to its integrated measuring cup function, the EVOL-S Volume always provides exactly the amount of water that you need, which can be custom-set using the precise rotary control and intuitive touch operation. Whether you're preparing pizza dough, mixing jelly or making ice, the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO is the perfect smart mixer tap for when you need a precise amount of water. Another plus is that using a specific amount of water puts an end to unnecessary wasting of water, making this mixer tap economical and environmentally friendly. EVOL-S provides intelligent control of the water flow: the greater the amount of water you want, the more powerful the jet and the faster the water flow. This means no unnecessary waiting.

EVOL-S Volume Chrome 4.jpg

Blanco Evol-S Volume

with Integrated Measuring Function


  • Pull out spray in high-quality design.

  • Perfect on the sink arrangement matched.

  • Available in Chrome and PVD Steel finishes

  • Control: unique control of the water flow.

  • Measuring functionality with an easy to use rotary control that delivers exactly the right amount of water

  • Environmentally friendly: needs-based water consumption with intuitive touch operation Dynamic Flow.

Measured water quantity at the touch of a finger

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EVOL-S Volume Chrome 5.jpg

The measuring feature helps to conserve water.  Add 500ml of freshly filtered water into your healthy morning shake or put a 750ml in your reusable bottle to take with you for the day. No more over-filling the kettle or re-boiling water until it tastes a bit odd, no more single-use plastics but also no compromising on water quality either. The semi-professional design with the separate, yet integrated, spout and the unique measuring function make the EVOL-S Volume stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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