Blanco Evol-S Pro Semi Professional Hot & Filter Tap 526313 with Integrated Measuring Function Tap Upgrade for Blanco Sink & Tap Packs 456347


 Why choose BLANCO Evol-S Hot and Filter? A stunning semi-professional mixer tap, in Stainless PVD Steel finish, delivers standard hot and cold water with two flow options via the mixer lever on the right. The unique EVOL-S rotary control on the left is the real game changer. Select between cold filtered and true-boiling filtered and then set the dial to deliver exactly the amount of water you need. Your selection is delivered through an insulated second spout. Quite simply, it is engineered to be better.  


 4-in-1 semi-professional mixer tap with flexible spout and two flow settings

Dispenses defined volume of 100ºC filtered boiling or filtered cold water from a separate, insulated spout to ensure safety of use and purity of filtered flow 

Boiling water is true 100ºC at the outlet • Simultaneous use of both spouts when required 

4 litre capacity hot water tank 

Extremely resistant, taste-neutral hygienic titanium tank 

Supplied with five-stage filtration system 

Supplied with Flowmeter which advises when filter needs to be changed 

High pressure supply only, minimum 1.0 bar  


Base: ø48mm
Tap hole: ø35mm


Fit Metal stabilising bracket  513383 if required 


PVD Steel Finish 



Blanco Evol-S Pro Hot & Filter Tap Upgrade for Blanco Sink & Tap Packs 456347

  • Delivered with Sink & Tap Pack