Blanco Solenta-S Tap Chrome or PVD Steel Finish 522404 522405

Semi-professional design and added user convenience

High-quality stainless steel hose cover for more stability, ease of movement and cleaning

Pull-down with dual spray function and magnetic holder: easy switch from aerated stream to powerful rinse spray

Stainless finish UltraResist – very easy to clean, stain and wear resistant

Spout can be swivelled by 130°

Ø 35mm tap hole required

With ceramic disk cartridge

Metal-sheathed spray hose

Flexible connection pipes with a length of 450 mm and 3/8'' nut for particularly easy and secure installation

Patented jet regulator for markedly reduced scaling

Requires a balanced high pressure supply only

minimum of 1.0 bar


Base: ø50mm
Tap hole: ø35mm


Fit Metal stabalising bracket  513383 if required 


Chrome and PVD Steel


Blanco Solenta-S Tap Chrome or PVD Steel 522404 522405

  •  Normally 3-4 days