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Modern design with spacious bowls

Experience the visual appeal of BLANCO METRA. With its straight-lined design, this sink range looks perfect with all sorts of kitchen styles. The flat rim fits perfectly into any setting. What’s more, the spacious METRA sinks offer plenty of space thanks to their large, deep bowls. Even cleaning large pots of baking sheets is child’s play. For added convenience, the spacious draining area can also be used as a worktop.

Silgranit and the evolution of PuraDur


More than 30 years ago Blanco began manufacturing Silgranit, today it is the leading choice for people who want a coloured sink in their kitchen.  Silgranit is made up of 80% natural granite and high quality acrylic bonds, making it strong and durable.  The BLANCO METRA shows this material at its best, with a range of 8 styles, from single bowl to double bowl inset sinks. 

Blanco Metra 8s a.jpg

As all METRA sinks are made of high-quality Silgranit, they are particularly easy-care, scratch resistant and acid-resistant. What's more, this range of sinks is available in all of Blanco Silgranit colours and to top it all off, all METRA sinks can be installed reversibly – perfect for right- and left-handed people alike!

Impressively elegant. Remarkably intense.


SILGRANIT black is the must-have colour for design aficionados. The new black from BLANCO has an appealing depth that creates breathtakingly opulent accents in kitchens with light-coloured worktops, or exudes a mysterious sense of luxury as an elegant option for all-black kitchens. This intense black always lets your personality shine through. Discover wholly distinctive design possibilities and uniquely robust, easy-care material properties with the diverse selection of mixer taps and sinks in timelessly beautiful SILGRANIT black!


Metra Corner sink


If you're planning a kitchen on an L- or U-shaped plan, modern corner sinks make the ideal solution for optimal use of space. Placed in a central position, e.g. between the cooking area and the refrigerator, these sink models allow you to use the corner section, too. Whether in elegant stainless steel or in subtle shades of colour with SILGRANIT and ceramic, the BLANCO range offers an attractive selection of corner sinks to go with your kitchen, both for 90° and angled corners. The ergonomically arranged working zones ensure outstanding comfort. High-quality accessories, such as cutting boards and stainless steel colanders, make corner sinks the ideal choice. A matching kitchen mixer tap ensures additional ease of use at the sink. This complete system solution allows you to harness the entire potential of a corner sink.

Metra Corner sink.jpg

Metra XL Bowl

An extra-large bowl opens up new possibilities for working at the kitchen sink, and you’ll never want to be without them again. You’ll notice the difference from the very first time you wash the dishes – for instance, leaving a large pot to soak in the bowl won't be a problem, and draining a wok in the bowl is a breeze. XL bowls are also just the thing when it comes to preparing food: when combined with the matching accessories, it is possible to perform several tasks at the same time, such as rinsing salad leaves in the bowl below while draining tomatoes on an attachable drip grid above. Filling up high-sided vessels is also easy thanks to the extra-large bowl. This allows you to make the most of the newly acquired space in your XL sink.


Blanco Metra sinks for the smaller kitchen

If you are looking for a sink with style, function modern clean lines and a spacious bowl size but maybe you are restricted on space in your kitchen, Blanc Metra has the ideal answer for you with three styles of sink for the smaller area.





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Soft White

Blanco metra 6s coffee.png


Blanco metra 6s alumetallic.png


Blanco metra 6s rock grey.png

Rock Grey


Volcano Grey

Blanco metra 6s white.png


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