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Blanco Hot Taps & Filter Taps


Drinking water systems from BLANCO turns the standard tap water from your kitchen mixer tap into refined drinking water exactly as you want it. Save yourself unnecessary time and effort in the kitchen and free up more time for doing the things you love. All BLANCO drinking water systems consist of a mixer tap and a control unit with a multi-stage filter that nestle in the base cabinet beneath the sink.

Hot Filtered Water Taps

Whether you want to make a fresh brew, grab a coffee, jump start the vegetables or fill up a hot water bottle, if you need boiling water Blanco hot drinking water systems provide true boiling water in an instant, no having to wait for the kettle to boil or the pan of water on  the stove to come to boiling point.

With having boiling water on tap you can save valuable time which on a busy day in the kitchen is a real advantage.

If you boil a kettle three times or more a day, then a Blanco system will use less energy by keeping the water at a constant 105 degrees C., therefore saving energy and money.

Time is precious and a Blanco boiling water tap is instantaneous, filtered for purity and hygenically delivered from a 4 litre tank, giving you more time to get on with other things.

Filtered For The Finest Taste

When you are really thirsty, there is nothing better than a cool glass of filtered water.  And when making tea, coffee or just making ice cubes then you want to know that the water you are using is high quality water that you can rely on.  

Blanco drink.filter sysems purify your water to the highest standard using premium multi stage filtration

leaving no room for any impurities including metal particles found in mains water to slip through.

Blanco filter systems purified water is ideal for a healthy lifestyle and day to day kitchen life.

Less Limescale More Taste

An integrated BWT multi stage filter, filters the water reduces limescale and heavy metal content therefore enhancing the taste.

Blanco filter taps give you three options: warm, cold and filtered cold water.

The cold and warm water control units are on the right hand side and the filtered water on the left.

The Blanco EVOL-S Pro Filter allows you to select the amount of filtered water you require by using the scaling wheel. A touch sensor activates the flow and if required stops the flow before the set amount has been given.

Blanco Evol s pro filter tap control.jpg

All Blanco filter mixer taps are fitted with separate channels for filtered water.

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