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Blanco Solenta-S & Solenta S Senso Taps 

A dual spray for ultimate convenience

Introduce the semi-professional design and remarkable ease of use to your kitchen, with BLANCO SOLENTA S. Available in chrome or PVD Steel. This model is particularly easy to clean and resistant.

The Senso model of BLANCO SOLENTA-S with sensor-controlled start-stop function is both practical and on-trend.   Make the most of the touchless control. The proximity sensor on the spray arm turns with the kitchen mixer tap, thus reliably preventing it from being triggered unnecessarily. Other highlights include the hose sheathed in segmented metal and the option of switching from a bead jet to the spray mode.

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Blanco Solenta S

  • Semi-professional design with added user convenience

  • Precise magnetic sprayholder for an added convenience

  • Pull-down with dual spray function: easy switch from aerated stream to powerful rinse spray

  • High positioned, ergonomic single handle lever

  • High-quality stainless steel hose cover for more stability, ease of movement and cleaning convenience

  • Also available in PVD steel surface finish


Blanco Solenta S Senso

  • Semi-professional design and added user convenience

  • Manual or hands-free Start-Stop mode with innovative sensor technology

  • Near field sensor detection in hose arm avoids unintended activation

  • High-quality stainless steel hose cover for more stability, ease of movement and cleaning

  • Pull-down with dual spray function and magnetic holder: easy switch from aerated stream to powerful rinse spray

  • Available in Chrome & PVD Steel – very easy to clean, stain and wear resistant


Blanco Solenta-S Senso

Contactless Water Flow

Everyone is familiar with the situation of having both hands full in the kitchen, whether you’re mixing ingredients for a birthday cake or marinating the sunday roast. And it’s just then that you need some water.The SOLENTA-S Senso from BLANCO has just the smart system to help, and is setting a new benchmark with its innovative sensor technology and start-stop function. The intelligent motion sensor activates and deactivates the water flow completely touch-free, as if by magic.

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Touch-free operation: simply a great feeling

Cooking can be a sheer delight. Preparing dishes within the perfect workspace makes it even more of a pleasure. Spare yourself lots of extra work by getting the water to flow without having to touch anything, thanks to the SOLENTA-S Senso with its innovative start-stop function. There’s no need to change hands, put things down or set what you’re doing to one side. Instead, you can give your full attention to the essentials. Last but not least, this smart mixer tap is a feast for the eyes.

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