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A classic undermount sink


A classic meets the modern day: BLANCO SUPRA excels at understated, timeless design. Its classic look fits beautifully into any kitchen. The BLANCO SUPRA models for undermount sinks allow flexible bowl combinations that can be customised to your kitchen design and personal taste. Among its advantages in terms of installation, the BLANCO SUPRA features a flat rim that fits perfectly with any kitchen. The sink is also notable for the optimal position of its outlet and overflow, which are both located centrally in relation to the bowl. Practical accessories further enhance the sink’s functions, including the multifunctional stainless steel basket.  BLANCO SUPRA bowls also come with an IF flat rim for flushmount or top-down installation, both with and without a tap ledge.

Supra Design


BLANCO SUPRA is a classic bowl range. It was an early pioneer of undermount sinks installed beneath the worktop, and has achieved real success. Different bowl sizes allow custom combinations in undermount installation. If you’d prefer to have your bowl installed in the worktop from above, you can also choose from various bowl sizes with or without a space for the kitchen mixer tap. The classic design caters to the versatility of BLANCO SUPRA and fits perfectly into timeless kitchen designs.

supra 400 u.jpg

Miracle combo

The small BLANCO Supra undermount bowls can be combined with the larger ones and because they are separate items, they can be configured to match your space. 

Blanco Supra IF 

Blanco Supra IF: an elegant flat rim that sits almost flush with the worktop for installation from above.


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Blanco Supra IF/A

Blanco Supra IF/A : The same elegant low profile edge as the Blanco Supra IF but including a tap ledge which creates a perfect platform to hose a tap and a soap dispenser or pop up control.

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