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Blanco Stainless Steel Guide 

Stainless steel kitchen sinks – a spotlessly clean showpiece

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Hard, smooth and always clean thanks to a passive coating layer – the Blanco Stainless steel kitchen sink. It hardly gets better than this. Dirt-resistant, one simple wipe, and any stains on the sink are gone. Traces of limescale, too. Often, it’s enough just to wipe the Stainless steel sink with a damp cloth.

Stainless steel:

  • is strong

  • is steadfast

  • is tear-resistant

  • retains its shine

  • does not leave germs and bacteria behind

  • is easy to maintain

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Stainless steel is Stainless steel. Or is it?

Stainless steel is not made of one specific material. It is a mixture of different components. Our 18/10 Stainless steel, which we use for BLANCO sinks, is composed of steel, 18 per cent chrome and 10 per cent nickel.

Steel is particularly hard and almost impervious to damage. Even when subjected to a heavy weight, it bends very little. It does not tear or break. Together with oxygen, chrome forms a thin yet very firm and dense layer. This fine, invisible film is called the passive coating. The highlight feature: It is constantly renewing itself. 

Stainless Steel Finishes*
*Not available on all sinks, see individual sinks for colours
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Easy-care: Tender loving care

Your Stainless steel sink needs tender loving care. Not too much, but on an ongoing basis. This will ensure lasting enjoyment for decades to come. This happens if you maintain a Stainless steel sink regularly. You don’t have to toil over it for hours at a time. After wiping the sink with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth, just dry it and you're done. Nothing elaborate or laborious. Just a little. Regularly. Quite simple.

Light-fast and heat-resistant: stays just as it is

Do you prefer to wash dishes facing the window, gazing at the great outdoors? Stainless steel makes it possible. It is tough and stays just as it is. There’s no bleaching if the sun is shining on the sink for hours, days or even weeks on end. And it won’t mind if you put a hot pot on it. It can handle it. It doesn’t put up a fuss. No tarnishing, no discolouring.

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Stain Resistant: just wipe it down

Coffee can spill, lemon juice can spray onto the Stainless steel ledge, or someone might leave a teabag lying on the sink. The acid leaking from the lemon would seep into some materials, such as wood. A Stainless steel sink remains impervious. Nothing happens to it. No discolouration; no lasting stains.

Tough: takes whatever you put it through

Crash! Oops! It’s easy for a plate to slip out of your grasp while rinsing it. Something that you're familiar with? Indeed, who isn’t? You're lucky if it happens in a Stainless steel kitchen sink. It cushions the fall. In most cases, the plate will remain intact. And your Stainless steel sink bowl will, too.

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