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Ingenious multi-level bowl with appealing features

The innovative BLANCO ETAGON system concept offers groundbreaking versatility at the sink. This tiered sink is remarkable for its integrated step, which creates a highly practical additional level. Positioned on the step, the ETAGON rails offer almost unlimited possible uses. For instance, they are ideal for holding pans or steamers, into which you can transfer vegetables straight from the cutting board above.


The  Etagon's large bowl also makes it easy to clean cumbersome kitchenware such as baking trays. BLANCO ETAGON is available in Stainless steel, Silgranit and Ceramic for undermount installation or for inset from above. The range is impressive not only for its superlative functionality, but also its top-quality equipment. The C-overflow and InFino drain system are elegantly integrated and particularly easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel material. The optional accessories include cutting boards and practical multifunctional colanders. .

Multi Level Concept 


BLANCO ETAGON takes the possibilities of a sink to a whole new level. The integrated multi-level concept creates an additional third functional level, thus offering versatility of a sink and drainer without requiring the same amount of space. 

Stainless Steel Etagon


BLANCO ETAGON in stainless steel finish is available in two different installation models.  Inset models include the Etagon IF and the Etagon IF/A.  The undermount models include 500 U & 700 U.

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Silgranit and Ceramic Etagon

BLANCO ETAGON in Blanco's range of silgranit colours are available for undermount only. and Ceramic colours are available in an Undermount Etagon 500-U and Inset Etagon 6

Silgranit Colours:  White, Anthracite, Black, Coffee, Tartufo, Rock Grey, Soft White, Volcano Grey and Alumetallic.

NEW:  Etagon 6 All Black Edition,

Harmoniously coordinated look for modern kitchen designs​: See Below


Ceramic Colours : Crystal White, Basalt, Magnolia and Black.


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