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Blanco Ceramic Sinks 

Blanco Sinks and bowls made of BLANCO Ceramic create a pleasant, homely atmosphere. They appeal for their flowing lines and glazed surfaces. BLANCO Ceramic Sinks blend happily both with traditional kitchens as well as modern designs - either to provide a contrast or to match existing colours and shapes, whichever is preferred.

Modern production methods, special manufacturing techniques, and the decades of experience of Blanco's skilled craftspeople ensure that the quality of Blanco products remains consistently high. The greatest care throughout the entire production process helps to ensure the maximum precision, down to the smallest detail.

Resistant to impacts and blows in normal domestic use Resistant to scratching and stains Full-tone colours, matt or gloss Manufactured using traditional methods Heat resistant Suitable for food use and hygienic Acid-resistant Resistant to light - even direct sunlight

All our Blanco Silgranite and Ceramic sinks are sent out direct from Blanco UK, either on their own transport or their dedicated carrier, this ensures that the possibility of damage in transit is minimal and should there be a problem it is easily rectified.  

The Blanco Sink & Tap Packs represent a wide choice of Blanco Kitchen Sink models, selected from the extensive BLANCO range. The collection gives you additional discount when you purchase a Blanco Kitchen sink and Tap together.

Available only with the purchase of ONE sink and ONE tap together.
Please see instructions and dropdown on product page to see discount amount





* Does not include Highlands and Islands

Blanco Ceramic Colours*

*Not available on all models, check individual products pages for finishes 

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