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Blanco Drink.Hot  Evol-S Pro  Hot & Filter Tap Choice of Finish



  • 4-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap: cold, warm and filtered cold and filtered boiling water
  • Delivering exactly the amount of cold or boiling filtered water you need
  • Intuitive measuring function and touch control for improved efficiency and reduced water consumption
  • Separate insulated spout for purified drinking and boiling water
  • Both spouts can be used simultaneously
  • Taste neutral titanium boiler and five-stage filtration system with DigiFlow meter
  • Dual spray on practical semi-professional flexible spout with precise magnetic holder
  • - Top-quality high-pressure titanium boiler (extremely corrosionresistant, fully tasteless) -
  • 4 Litres capacity titanium boiler -
  • Dispenses 100°C boiling temperature: -
  • Energy efficient (approx. 16W consumption in standby mode) -
  • Power outlet: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. -
  • Nominal power: 2200 W -
  • Safety group incl. drain system pipe connection -
  • High-end water filtering system by BWT, incl. filter head and multistage filter cartridge - Control box with integrated display to show remaining filter capacity Tap: -
  • Semi-professional tap -
  • Ceramic disc control -
  • Various flexible connection hoses and connection bends for particularly easy and safe assembly - Patented jet regulator for markedly reduced scaling
  • Requires high pressure supply only, min 1.2 bar



Base: ø48mm
Tap hole: ø35mm


Fit Metal stabilising bracket  513383 if required 


PVD Steel, Matt Black and Satin Gold Finish



Blanco Drink.Hot Evol-S Pro Hot & Filter Tap PVD Steel Black Matt & Satin Gold

SKU: 526313
  • Normally 3-4 days


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