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Blanco Inset Sinks

Blanco Inset Sinks
The Blanco range of inset sinks, covers various styles, shapes, bowls and materials.
Here are a few tips to choosing your perfect Blanco Sink.
Do you like having lots of space? A large worktop with plenty of room for chopping, weighing, blending, kneading and more. Do you really need a large sink? Sometimes a smaller Blanco sink model that blends into the background will suffice.  Such as the
Blanco 45S and 5S range of sinks.
Are small kitchens  a place for small sinks only? No! Be bold: transform your Blanco large bowl without a drainer into an eye-catching feature within your kitchen.  Such as the Blanco sinks : 700 range
A large family, big pots, lots of spaghetti and even more bolognese sauce mean that you’re going to want a really large, deep Blanco sink. It is much easier to scrub large pots within it. Even cooking grates, baking tins or roasting trays are a breeze to clean in a large Blanco sink.  Including Blanco sinks 8 and 9 range.   Or Blanco Sit on Ceramic range

All our Blanco Silgranite and Ceramic sinks are sent out direct from Blanco UK, either on their own transport or their dedicated carrier, this ensures that the possibility of damage in transit is minimal and should there be a problem it is easily rectified. 

The Blanco Inset Sink & Tap Packs represent a wide choice of Blanco Inset Sink models, selected from the extensive BLANCO range. The collection gives you additional discount when you purchase a Blanco Inset Kitchen sink and Tap together.

Available only with the purchase of ONE sink and ONE tap together.
Please see instructions and dropdown on product page to see discount amount





* Does not include Highlands and Islands

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